"All good things take time…and Rattler’s Garden is just such a thing.

Several years in the making, Rattler’s Garden showcases many of the hallmark characteristics of a labor of love: hand-crafted and pensive, it blossoms in a sequence of well-curated, diaphanous gestures.


Hannah Moriah (Sleepy Sun, Whitethorn Singers) has born into the world a cherished, hard-earned heirloom - a record born of (and during) turbulent times, but turned over again and again, worn smooth by the hands of its loving creatrix. The album is retrospective, but not overtly nostalgic, acknowledging that although the past may be passed, it’s tumult informs the present moment, presaging the conditions of growth that propel each of us into the unknown, the unknowable.


The “rattler” in Rattler’s Garden is the percussionist of life’s danse macabre - its rhythms accompany the ballet towards its inevitable conclusion, but also serve as a warning cry, bemoaning the mortal fate of we, the dancers perched on a knife’s edge.


Like the fruits of Fall’s harvest, all good things take time…

(But what is time, anyway?)"

                                                                                    -Nick Stanley

Album Art by Bryan Proteau (Clovenhoov)

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